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For this update, we've done our best to improve rewards based on demand for certain areas in the Advertising Agency and the Daily Rewards. There's a few balance changes too though, and a new tournament on the way! Don't forget you'll need to update UFM in the App Store or Google Play in order to see most of the changes!

Daily Rewards

The daily rewards screen has changed completely. If you're worried about that 364 day login streak being reset, don't fret! Those rewards are still integrated into the new system.

  • Completely new interface for daily rewards based on 28 day rotations

  • Every 7 consecutive days you'll receive a bigger reward, culminating in a free use of the All-Star scout at day 28!

  • Money for login streaks is unchanged from before

Advertising Agency

The sponsors in the Advertising Agency offer good value when you need specific resources. That said, we've seen increased demand for budget points lately, so we've made some changes specifically to feed into this for everyone.​

  • Added another sponsor which generates budget

  • Re-balanced some times and existing budget rewards to give more budget over time than before

  • Double your budget received for each sponsor by watching a video

  • Reduced upgrade costs of the Advertising Agency

Pawn Shop Update

We've finally been able to finish the graphical overhaul of all of our Pawn Shop items! Alongside this, we took advantage of the opportunity to make some small tweaks to effects in the Attack and Vandalism items so that the upgrades 

  • All old icons in the Pawn Shop have been replaced (some items changing entirely)

  • Attack/Vandalism item effects and prices have been slightly adjusted (both higher and lower)

  • New tier of top end attack items introduced

New Special Tournament

While this may well be temporary, we're introducing a new special tournament on Friday evenings which will reward the top places managers with some unique improvement items - slightly better than what you can get in the Pawn Shop.

  • New Friday tournament introduced, with unique improvement item rewards which can't be purchased in the Pawn Shop!


Community Pitch

A couple of small quality of life improvements here for everyone​

  • All 5* players now generated at level 1 (this is already live)

  • CM/LM/RM players who are signed above level 1 will now be more likely to have optimum statistics for their given * level 

  • The level based gold player and future star have had prices reduced

Match Report

Just a small change in continuation of improving explanation of match results, so you'll have a better idea of whether you really had bad luck, if your players played below their best and how much impact external and match events had.

  • Attack/Defence bars after the match will now include the impact from Home Advantage, Leadership, Intelligence, Red Cards, Injuries, and Bribes

  • Tapping on the next match from your city will now take you directly to the match preview​​


These have always been vital elements for generating budget, now we've made a slight change here.

  • Cooldown to wait for new quests has now been cut in half above level 50

  • Failing quests will no longer immediately generate a new one above level 50

Let us know what you think by contacting us through UFM directly or through our Facebook page!

Anthony Copus

Head of Product, Tenko Games

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