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Hey everyone, we've got a smaller than usual update for you this time but it's adding some functionality we hope you find useful and fun. Don't forget you'll need to update UFM in the App Store or Google Play in order to see most of the changes!

Double Happy Hour (already live)​ 

By popular demand, since we know not everyone has their lunch break at 1pm...​

  • Added a happy hour at 7pm, so now you get 2 per day!

Halloween Event

During the Halloween period we'll be giving away some unique limited time demonic improvement items for your players during special tournament. So keep your eyes peeled on the 25th October and 1st November!

6* Players

Previously, the absolute best players by potential were the 5* ones. However, within this category there was actually a big divide still in the best and worst of them with their starting statistics. As such we've split the 5* into 5 and 6, and given the 6 stars some unique visuals. Note: Players with the same statistics as the 6* players existed beforehand too, and we've not changed any probabilities to find them!

  • Split 5* players into 5* and 6*

  • Introduced unique visual effects to 6* players

  • No probabilities of acquiring players have been changed​

All-Star Scout

Just a small change which will give us scope to reward everyone with attempts at the All-Star scout in future

  • Added a Scout Token which can be used on the All-Star Scout (Gold can still be used if you don't have any)

Quest Refresh

Want a few more challenges while you're waiting for your upcoming match? Now you can get some!

  • Added ability to get 3 quests for 5 gold when you've currently run out

Bug Fixes

A couple of small quality of life improvements here for everyone​

  • Added a confirmation message when getting All-Star players (we know how annoying it can be to throw away unsigned player by accident)!

  • Other small stuff :)

Let us know what you think by contacting us through UFM directly or through our Facebook page!

Anthony Copus

Head of Product, Tenko Games

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