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UFM - JULY UPDATE (22/07/19)


Coming this July we have a massive update for you all, affecting many areas of UFM with a comprehensive rework of our match algorithm and Community Pitch! We've listed the main details that could affect your strategies below, so take a seat and have a read through.

Remember, for any questions please get in touch through the game or our Facebook page!

Match Algorithm

We've made big changes to both the algorithm itself, as well as the interface you interact with. This will give you a far greater insight into your chances, why a certain result occurred and what you can improve. The old head to head display of attributes has been replaced as it was often misleading in terms of how the match would be calculated. Not only this, we've balanced various elements to make alternative strategies more viable.

  • Speed is now extremely valuable for wide players

  • Passing will also have a big impact, especially on central midfielders and central defenders

  • Strengths and weaknesses of teams will now be visible in the match preview and match report, so you know what you can improve or what you need to sabotage on your opponents

  • Your team's attributes have been replaced by bars showing how the attacking force of the two teams compare to the defences of one another - since it doesn't matter how amazing your attack is if your defence is unable to handle the opponent's attack too!

  • Using the performance table in the match report you'll also see negative impacts that affected this, like red cards, injuries or simply an unfortunately poor performance by your strikers or defenders

  • Balanced Level Bonus: Provided all your starting 11 are within 15 levels of the average they'll receive a boost to their physical attributes

  • Very important: Favourites can still lose! Improving your stats as far beyond your opponents' will always maximise your chance of winning but upsets can still happen in football!

Badges & Items

One of the big areas we've sought to improve in the algorithm is the balance of attack and defence. Previously, it was easy to vastly exceed defensive values and focus only on the attacking elements which often led to high scoring and unpredictable results. As well as the direct changes mentioned above, we're also adding and altering some existing badges and items.

  • NEW Badges added, now there's 1 for each physical attribute. Each consists of either clean sheets or assists from specific areas of the pitch

  • Playmaker badge now requires assists as a forward

  • Badge bonuses have been reduced

  • Existing improvement items have been adjusted, both in terms of price and effect. Now all items of the same tier will have the same effect, while those which have had their effects reduced have also seen a price drop

  • NEW Tier of improvement items added: "Neon"

Player Upgrading

We know that as you reach higher player levels it becomes more of a chore to level those players up, in terms of cost and time. Of course we expect it to become more difficult as you reach higher levels, but these changes aim to make this a little easier.

  • Player Talent minimum throughout the Community Pitch is now 25. Previously this would often have gone into single figures below 10

  • Overall money cost of upgrading players is 40% lower to get to level 80. Note: This reduction will only become apparently past level 30, and once you go past level 80 it will very quickly increase to the previous overall cost

  • Player upgrade times reduced at earlier level. Getting to level 10 is almost 75% faster, and level 20 around 40% faster

  • Player upgrade gold costs on these levels have also been reduced

Community Pitch

The best way to create an amazing team has always been to take a low level player and level it up, rather than signing at a higher level. The Community Pitch has been drastically altered with this in mind. The best players you can get haven't changed, but we've introduced a new stars system so you can see those with the best future potential at a glance. Furthermore, we've changed the scouts significantly. The timers and cost have been increased, but so have the probabilities of obtaining the best players (by a lot). So no need check these every 20 minutes anymore!

  • NEW Star Potential: Players will be ranked between 1-5 stars based on their development potential, taking into account your University skills. The previous "Young Stars" are represented with 4+

  • Players will now take into account your Personal Trainer skill when they're generated at a higher level

  • A new display has been added showing you the relative potential of example players with attributes at level 50

  • Note: Bronze/Silver/Gold players can still be acquired in these scouts, but they are no longer the main focus

  • Existing players who were Young Stars will now appear as 4 star (even if they were the equivalent of 5 star), while those below that won't have any star assigned to them. This doesn't mean they're worse, just this is only really for new players who appear

  • The All Stars scout will be the equivalent of Young Stars, but with both weaker and stronger players possible compared to before (up to 254 for a level 1)


Talent Agency


Keeping in mind the changes above, we've adapted the Talent Agency to fit the new design

  • More high potential, low level players added

  • Max level appearing for gold/silver player has been reduced

VIP Pass

This offer is being added for everyone in the game - a new, low cost and very high value element which lasts for 30 days with the following effects:

  • 20 Gold to collect every day - up to 600 total

  • +1 Builder - now you'll have a maximum of 3 at a time

  • 50% Shorter timers in the Advertising Agency - so especially at higher levels you'll be able to get more of the resources you really want

  • Max Ticket Multiplier Doubled - this take into account your current Mathematician skill, but will now be up to 10x. Keep in mind this affects the speed of playing exhibition matches, the total rewards you get overall stays the same per ticket used

  • 40 Daily Tickets - This replaces the chore of watching 40 videos in the Exhibition Grounds for bonus tickets (which often would end up being unavailable)

Syndicate Invitations​

There's quite a few small things behind the scenes but this is also worth mentioning:

  • You'll now earn invitations to use in your Syndicate every time you win league matches. This varies based on which tier you're in

    • League A/B: 4 invitations per win​

    • League C/D/E: 3 invitations per win

    • League F+: 2 invitations per win

  • So you don't hit your cap too much by accident, we've raised the maximum you can hold from 5 to 8 at a time

This is just the start! We'll keep coming out with more regular updates in the future (both new features and balancing), so let us know what you think by contacting us through UFM directly or through our Facebook page. 

Anthony Copus

Head of Product, Tenko Games

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