Localisation & Community Manager

Stanga Games Inc. overview

We are a small, virtual team spread across the world with employees in Europe and the US. We all share a love for football and gaming.

At Stanga Games we’ve developed a casual free-to-play mobile game called Underworld Football Manager. Our game merges the concepts of football manager and city builders, whilst adding in the ability to attack, bribe and vandalise your rivals. While we have a great user base in the UK, we’re looking to localise and expand our reach to new markets.

Whom are we looking for

  • Native speaker in one of the languages listed below.

  • Excellent level of English.

  • Love football and/or (mobile) gaming!

  • Good social skills.

  • Great for students.

Role Overview


We’re looking for localisation and community consultants who have excellent English language skills and are native speakers in one of the following languages:​​​

  • Swedish,

  • Japanese,

  • Korean


A successful candidate will be able to easily translate a range of our in-game content (from short phrases to longer descriptions) between English and their native language as well as liaising with members of the community who are not fluent English speakers.

Work will be undertaken on a part-time basis.


  • Localising our core in-game content — we expect some creativity here.

  • Translating new content released on a month-to-month ‘support’ basis.

  • Being on hand to respond to user queries and posts on social media.


How to apply


To apply tell us about yourself by sending an e-mail at jobs@stanga.io, attn.

Anthony Copus