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UFM - AUGUST UPDATE (12/08/19)


Following on from our last big update, we wanted to look at a couple of other areas with extremely high in demand features over the last couple of years.

Remember, for any questions please get in touch through the game or our Facebook page!

Player Aging ​

The players have always aged one year every 7 real days - right back to when we first introduced it (when the League actually took 2 weeks to run). We know this was a bit stretched from reality, and now we've finally reach the point where we can change this to every 10 days (more or less aligned to the League)!

  • Players will now age every 10 days

  • Bionic Hearts will now reduce age by 2 years instead of 3

  • Note: Current players will stay the same age they were previously after the update, even if Bionic Hearts have been used. E.g. If you have a 28 year old who has used 2 Bionic Hearts already, he'll still be 28 and all consequent years will take 10 days. Players will all have 3 days added to their current age before they'll gain a year

Mental Item & Attributes

Alongside the fact you'll be able to keep your players for longer, we'll now let you put more mental items on them. This is something which was heavily requested when we raised the mental attributes cap to 120, but better late than never! We'll of course be checking this update after it goes live,  and make adjustments to elements around this if they're needed

  • Mental item caps are still 5 for each attribute at Basic and Bronze

  • Cap will be raised to 10 when hitting Silver, and 15 when hitting Gold

  • Intelligence and Leadership maximums will be increased to 140 each

  • Fitness maximum raised to 140 and now impact how well old players will play

  • Temperament maximum raised to 140 and now impact item theft probability

  • Fitness, Temperament, Intelligence and Leadership for existing players will be increased depending on their current amount. For example, 120 will become 140 immediately, 100 will become 117, 50 will become 58

  • New quests added for Temperament gain

  • Maximum limit at which you can receive quests which improve Fitness, Intelligence, Temperament and Leadership has been increased (but you'll still need to develop to gain the final points in each)

Second Lineup​

Something else that's be requested a lot over the years!

  • From level 30 you can now set up 2 different lineups for your squad and toggle between them in the Stadium

Small Things​

  • New Fan level added for Syndicates

  • New Thief skills added (up to 15) and increased strength of existing levels

  • Introducing new Talent Agency level grouping for levels 120-199, and reduced lowest silver player levels available

  • Sports Lab will now show the player's base stats before levelling up (previously it included the bonus from badges)

  • An issue with the Hat-trick Hero badge was fixed on 06/08

  • Hypno-watch and Luck Boost added to Pawn Shop daily deal

Anthony Copus

Head of Product, Tenko Games

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