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UFM brings corrupt elements of football like bribes and vandalism to traditional free to play fooball manager games
Play now for free! Available as an app on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon (Android/iOS)
Win by any means necessary!
Available on iOS in the App Store
Available on Android in Google Play
Available on the Amazon App Store

Take over a run-down city and football club and reach the top by any means necessary

A football manager game with city builder features
Choose a weapon and sabotage your rivas with attacks, bribes and vandalism

Attack, bribe and vandalize your rivals to become an elite football manager

Use your cunning to outwit your rivals football managers and reach the top!

Compete against millions of real players in leagues and tournaments
Welcome to UFM!
Develop your city and facilities
Scout young superstars
Choose the best strategy win
Take down your rivals
Train your players to be the best
Join a clan and manager a superteam
Lead your top eleven to victory
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